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Yellovodka Covid-19

Yellovodka Covid-19 wow didn’t think we wouldn’t have a bottle yet.

So here are the updates.

I took a leading role in obtaining hand sanitizer for our local EMT teams.

Though it would seem that the TTB is at a stand still so I myself can not produce. I reached out to multiple distilleries that were producing and shared that info when made available to those that need it most the hospitals and Emergency Response Teams.


As mentioned it seems that the TTB is at a stand still. I reached out via email and phone to my appointed representative in the TTB, it is more that a week later and have yet to hear from them.

I appreciate your support to all those that have reserved a Yellovodka. Tor those that don’t know and want to support us and for those that haven’t yet you can reserve a bottle.

Yours Truly Master Distiller

Binyomin Terebelo

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